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God's desire is that we reign in every area of our lives, not just spiritually.

Your Wellbeing Journey begins with a self-assessment 'check-up' for each person registered.

This is a free course, spread over 8 weeks, looking at our:

mindset, physical life, emotions, spiritual life, relationships, finances and our vocational life.

This is a new course developed by Dave Smith of Kingsgate Community Church

and is well-resourced in collaboration with 'Hope Together'.

Alongside the course, there's a book which you may like: ‘God’s Plan for Your Wellbeing’,

by Dave Smith, which offers a 50-day devotional – fuel for the journey!

If you'd like a copy please let us know. If you're able, there's a suggested donation of £5.

We hope you will join us as we start The Wellbeing Journey together.

Why not check out the promo, then you can register below... 

Our last course was a real success, with an average of 30 people attending each week!

There isn't a Wellbeing course running currently, so if you are interested

in signing up for the next one, please contact us, as we'd love to hear from you...

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